Secure Digital Workplace
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Secure Digital Workplace

Solution to ENSURE the most important information of your company using advanced cognitive security techniques to ensure business continuity and minimize operational and reputational risk.

Keep your information and your employees safe
Meet business demands in secure modern digital scenarios

Business opportunities

  • Clients with external regulations.
  • Clients with mobile employees or outside the organization most of the time.
  • Clients that need to enable controls to protect information.
  • Customers who are thinking or have enabled tele-work.
  • Clients that value information as one of their most important assets.

What the business wants

  • Security without limiting, restricting or impacting the user experience.
  • Modern security scheme, that protects me from the new digital threats.
  • Protection in new work scenarios and employee behaviors.

Key processes that it supports

  • Human Resources
  • Security of the information
  • Communications
  • Organizational Culture