Intelligent Process Automation
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Intelligent Process Automation

Solution to TRANSFORM the company’s processes using advanced RPA and Artificial Intelligence techniques to reduce the times of the value flows, the operational risk and increase the operational efficiency.

Increase efficiency in your processes
Saving costs and increasing operational efficiency

Business opportunities

  • Organizations with many customer service points.
  • Organizations with high volumes of transactions in the backoffice.
  • Organizations with a lot of operative personnel carrying out processes in Batch.

What the business wants

  • Decrease the processing times of customer-facing activities (value flows).
  • Decrease the number of people used in massive transaction processing.
  • Decrease operational risk.

Key processes that it supports

  • Reimbursement processes for fraud
  • Account closure
  • Payment processing
  • Processing service requests
  • Customer revenue processes
  • Transaction approval
  • Generation of letters
  • Modifications-Minor data updates
  • Data cleaning
  • Processing of PQR