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We are a company with an important track record in the market, due to the positioning it has obtained for more than 20 years of service. The experience of its collaborators has motivated other people to be part of a group of professionals, who, driven by the company’s well-being, give their best every day, growing not only personally but also professionally.

We are aligned with the professional and personal goals of our collaborators, providing support in technical and human skills.

  • We have scrum certified engineers and experience in agile development practices.
  • We have developed more than 50 projects using agile methodologies with more than 15 clients.
  • We apply our agile methodologies to any development platform.

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We are close, we accept and recognize ourselves as unique people with excellent skills



At Intergrupo we make happiness one more piece of your wardrobe.


Committed to our services, we go beyond what we can give.


We create trust and well-being, to be closer to your goals


We are an organization with a presence in the Latin American and Spanish market, recognized for delivering solutions and comprehensive services based on state-of-the-art technology, focused on contributing to the digital transformation of organizations.

We appropriate the state of the art of technology, to devise new business models.

How to apply for a vacancy?

If you want to apply for a vacancy, both national and international, you must send an email to In the subject you must specify the technical profile and professional characteristics. This email represents the corporate mailbox to receive, filter and send the resumes to the psychologist who is in charge of the vacancies.